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Google Shopping Changes Announced

What does this mean for you? Today (21st April 2020) Google announced that they are rolling out free Google Shopping (Google PLAs) across the US with a global launch to follow shortly. This means that any business will be able to showcase their products in t...

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Facebook Ads: A beginners guide

In 2004 a group of students at Harvard University created a social media platform. Aiming to connect students in an online community. Skip forward 16 years, Facebook is now one of the most influential social networks in the world. The five students who founded ...

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Why is digital marketing important?

The relationship between a website and digital marketing is simple. You need both to be successful online. Having a website, no matter how good, does not cut it in today’s digital world. A great website alone does not make a digital business. Whilst a website...

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SEO: A beginners guide

If you've had exposure to online marketing you've probably wondered; What is SEO? How does SEO work? Is SEO the same as Organic Search? Some digital marketing agencies may convince you it's a dark and complex art form. Leaving you unsure about the benefits or w...

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Pay Per Click (PPC): A beginners guide

Chances are if you have any form of online business, you’ll have heard the term banded around. PPC is known in the marketing industry by many names and abbreviations. From PPC to Pay-Per-Click, Paid Search to Google Ads (or Google AdWords pre-2018). ...

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Site Migration: A step by step guide

A site migration can range from updating the structure of your site to launching on a new platform. From a complete redesign to an upgrade to enhance the security of your site. Essentially, it’s any large scale changes which may impact search engine visibility. A well-ma...

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Top 10 lessons for launching a new business

Three months after officially launching Green Ginger, our founder Nick has put together the 10 most important lessons he has learnt so far. ✔ It is hard work. Celebrate the successes (no matter how small) and understand you are on a journey. The destination will ...

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Specialist Agencies or Full-service Agencies?

Chances are if you’ve worked in digital marketing for a period, it’s likely that you’ve come across both full-service and specialist agencies. Depending on the situation and often their personal experience, many marketers have a preference. Whilst there are many opin...

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