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Posted on 29th July, 2020 by Green Ginger Digital

Use your lockdown data to your advantage

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The last 5-months have been a rollercoaster for retailers, with businesses having to adapt quickly to changing buying habits. Retailers selling fitness equipment, health and wellbeing products or sweet treats have seen massive spikes in their performance, but now lockdown has eased how do they maintain momentum and harvest the data they’ve gained?

We’ve put together 5 quick tips on how to use the data you’ve gained during lockdown to your advantage.

5 quick tips

  1. Build audience lists from your recent visitors, which can be used to re-engage users for future promotions as demand begins to drops
  2. If you have been fortunate enough to see increased sales throughout the last few months, use email marketing to help engage and retain recent customers. This will allow your marketing budgets to work harder on acquiring new customers as demand declines
  3. Use recent performance insights to improve sustainable, organic growth. Increased demand and traffic will give you more data to utilise for your SEO strategy
  4. As demand declines, make better use of the traffic your site has received. Implement tools such as Hotjar to improve user-experience which will, in turn, improve conversion rates. Utilise relevant cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to improve efficiencies.
  5. Understand your seasonality. Demand has been unpredictable over recent months but it is becoming much more aligned to typical seasonal trends. Tools such as Google Trends provide quick and free access to trend data about any market or search term. Use this to plan promotional activity, category focus and investment decisions.

The most important resource you have is the data that is generated every hour of every day by your site. It is your most powerful tool when learning about your customer and how they are interacting with your product or service.

At Green Ginger, we use your data to give you tangible recommendations which will help you plan your next step, want to learn more? Get in touch.

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