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Posted on 26th May, 2020 by Green Ginger Digital

Introducing the launch of RetailRecovery

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Green Ginger Digital is proud and excited to announce the launch of RetailRecovery, in partnership with Customer First Digital

Trading in retail is tough, and with the current pandemic ongoing, it’s not getting any easier for retailers.  With weekly news of brands entering administration, the high street continuing to struggle and online becoming ever more competitive, a strategy to navigate through this is key. 

We understand retail, we have lived and breathed it for a combination of 25 years’. We are focused on helping retailers navigate through murky waters and into more prosperous times. So we have developed RetailRecovery, a retail consultancy performance framework. 

What is RetailRecovery? 

RetailRecovery is a retail consultancy framework which will help you identify the key challenges for your retail business. 

Our approach has been carefully developed after working with many of the UK’s top retailers including Argos, and Selfridges. We have delivered high performing digital marketing campaigns for retailers but have often been disappointed with external consultants. We’ve found they have often provided theoretical, impractical to implement and expensive strategies.

RetailRecovery sets out to change that.

Navigating through retail recovery and unprecedented times is confusing enough and so we focus on taking a simple and transparent approach. Our framework will support you with a practical plan developed by retailers for retailers. We focus on delivering customer value growth for our clients to maximise their retail performance. 

We develop the right strategy based on your objectives. Whether you’re looking to go-to-market for the first time, reach more customers or grow your sales, our framework offers strategic advice and tactical recommendations across all aspects of retail:

  • Customer
  • Operational
  • Sales channel
  • Marketing 
  • Communications
  • Trading / Merchandising 
  • Payment
  • Fulfilment (Delivery, returns)

What kind of retailers does RetailRecovery help?

If you’re a retailer who is navigating through new challenges or needs a refresh of current strategy, we can help you. We’ve already supported retailers to answer the following questions:

  • How do I launch a new product to market?
  • How do I launch an established brand into new territories?
  • What new routes to market are available for my product?
  • Is my current marketing as efficient as it could be?
  • What’s the size of the opportunity and how do I get more revenue?
  • Who are my customers and how can I tailor my marketing to target them more effectively?

This is of course not an exhaustive list. Retail is continually changing and we have experience tackling a range of difficult questions. We only work with ambitious retailers and we love a challenging question. We use our experience to ensure you have the right strategies in place whatever you are looking to achieve.

How does RetailRecovery work?

We first evaluate your business across multiple areas; operational set-up, through to trading and marketing. We review you against your competition, as well as industry best practice and benchmarks.  This forms our DISCOVER stage, where we focus on understanding as much about your business, customer and market as possible. 

Image of retail consultancy framework

Following the Discover phase, we move through into TRANSFORM. This is where we undertake in-depth channel level and customer touchpoint audits. Scoping out new opportunities and develop a strategic market plan, with clear routes to market for you to go after.  We make sure we prioritise this for you, with a combination of quick wins and longer-term initiatives. Providing you with a practical plan you can use from day one.

The RetailRecovery final phase is to GROW. This phase focuses on identifying operational requirements for performance uplift. Including gap analysis and key-man identification in order for you to reach your potential.  Alongside this, we also provide detailed revenue forecasts for 12 months, as well as what you can expect to achieve in year 2 and 3.  

The audits within our Discover phase may uncover technology and partner recommendations for your growth.  We are completely partner agnostic providing impartial recommendations for technology and partners to deliver against our strategy and forecasts.

How do I implement RetailRecovery recommendations?

We understand different retailers prefer to work in different ways. After providing our in-depth strategic blueprint we can either take control of delivering our recommendations (in-part or in-full) or, we can support you to put in place our plan if you have an in-house team.

In our experience, we work best as an extension of your team. Whichever method of implementation you prefer, we will provide ongoing support against clear delivery and performance milestones. We also recommend regular check-ins and on-site workshares where appropriate. This ensures you are continuing to progress as quickly as possible by delivering against our clear strategic milestones.


We help retailers large and small. Whether you’re in need of a go-to-market strategy for a new product, looking to expand into new territories or simply looking for ways to improve your current performance. RetailRecovery focuses on real, practical frameworks to guide you and deliver measurable growth. 

We’d love to have a chat and share how we can improve your retail performance. If you’re looking for real, practical guidance from experts with proven results, get in touch today.

Stay in touch.

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