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Specialist Agencies or Full-service Agencies?

Chances are if you’ve worked in digital marketing for a period, it’s likely that you’ve come across both full-service and specialist agencies. Depending on the situation and often their personal experience, many marketers have a preference. Whilst there are many opin...

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TikTok: The new social media app where Gen Z flock

TikTok launched in international markets in September 2017. But it was not until 2019 that it saw its huge growth. From the beginning of 2020 interest from brands and digital marketers alike has peaked and continued to grow.  So what is it? Who is using it and how ...

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Green Ginger’s 2020 Digital Marketing Predictions

We’re a month into 2020. The New Year’s resolutions have gone out of the window, and at Green Ginger Digital we're busy thinking about the year ahead and how digital marketing will evolve. What will happen with digital marketing budgets? Will Organic Search ...

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