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Google Ads: Performance Max to take over Smart Shopping and Local campaigns

Starting the year with a bang, Google announced on Thursday (27th January 2021) that they will be automatically transitioning Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max from July 2022. Local campaigns will not go untouched, as they suffer the same fate. So, what does tha...

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Northern Digital Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for two awards at this year's Northern Digital Awards. Our work alongside Opera Beds has been recognised for 'Best PPC Campaign', after only six months of working together. By creating a bespoke customer-first app...

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PPC: How to measure success

Your Google Ads account is set-up, your campaigns have been created and your PPC ads are live. So now what? It won’t be long until you start to see your numbers grow. At this point, you need to know what the numbers mean so you can get the best from your PPC ...

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My First Week – El’es Ferguson

My first week at Green Ginger Digital  I have really enjoyed my first week learning all things digital marketing at Green Ginger Digital.   After finishing my art foundation diploma this year, I had three creative university offers, but none of them felt right for me....

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Green Ginger’s ‘Head of Delivery’ revealed as 30 under 30 winner

Launching a digital marketing agency amid a global pandemic was always going to be a challenge. But a challenge that Emily, co-founder of Green Ginger Digital, didn't shy away from. Her determination and drive have meant the business has gone from strength-to-...

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2 Weeks of Green & Ginger – Marcus Robinson

Well - somehow, it’s April and I’m already 2 weeks into my new role at Green Ginger Digital. It only feels like yesterday that I was attempting (unsuccessfully) to form my hair into some sort of acceptable shape to look presentable for my interview – bring on 12th Apr...

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Use your lockdown data to your advantage

The last 5-months have been a rollercoaster for retailers, with businesses having to adapt quickly to changing buying habits. Retailers selling fitness equipment, health and wellbeing products or sweet treats have seen massive spikes in their performance, but now lockdown ...

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Local SEO: What is it and am I doing it right?

It probably seems like a distant memory - opening Google to search for a local takeaway on your way home from the pub. Or searching for that last-minute birthday present walking up and down the high street. But, the only reason you’re able to find those places is because...

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