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Boycotting Black Friday – What happens afterwards?

Boycotting Black Friday – What happens afterwards?    We’ll admit it. As a performance marketing agency, amongst the chaos and excitement of Black Friday, we’re guilty of shopping around ourselves to grab a bargain. However, this year we’ve been asking ours...

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Google Helpful Content Update and Opinion

Introduction It has recently been announced that Google are releasing a new update called ‘Helpful Content’ this is potentially one of the largest changes to the Google landscape of the past few years. The following 1-pager outlines the key points of the Google Helpfu...

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Traffic: Quality Over Quantity

What do we mean by quality traffic? It’s a bit of a buzz at the moment, everyone wants it but what actually is quality traffic? When we talk about quality traffic what we mean is highly engaged ‘traffic’ ie. People, customers, and humans with the intent to take a...

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What does Google’s new MUM update mean?

Another google tool update, you say? (we know, but we’re here to give you the 411 on what you need to know) so, what is MUM? MUM is an abbreviation for ‘’Multitask Unified Model’’, this is a new Google search technology which was first introduced back in May 2021 a...

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Google Ads Editor 2.0 Now Supports Performance Max

Last month Google released a new update to the Google Ads Editor, Google Ads Editor version 2.0, skipping out on version 1.9. Some cool new features have been added within this update, but, most importantly, Google Ads Editor now supports Performance Max campaigns. Other ...

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Businesses are clamouring to “know their audience”. But what does that mean and where do you start? – Emily Proctor

In April, the team at Green Ginger joined a host of local businesses at 43 Clicks North’s Power Hour, hosted on Hull’s Humber Street. The free event aims to give a platform for Hull’s marketing talent allowing them to share ideas and knowledge with anyone who can spare...

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Three Months at Green Ginger Digital – Oliver Olgard

It has now been 3 months since I started here at Green Ginger Digital, and it feels like just yesterday I walked through the office doors for the first time! I guess it’s true when they say time flies when you’re having fun! Since I’ve started, I’ve learnt a lot a...

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Nothing’s quite taken over like TikTok. I don’t know about you, but I can spend hours aimlessly scrolling through my FYP and it can feel like 5 minutes.  TikTok is all about communities. Users come to the app to follow their favourite creators and see what's new ...

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