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Posted on 15th June, 2022 by Green Ginger Digital

What does Google’s new MUM update mean?

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Another google tool update, you say? (we know, but we’re here to give you the 411 on what you need to know) so, what is MUM? MUM is an abbreviation for ‘’Multitask Unified Model’’, this is a new Google search technology which was first introduced back in May 2021 and is set to shake up the world of SEO through 2022.

In a nutshell, MUM helps Google deliver much more accurate and relevant results by understanding the user’s intent and the context of the query. It is designed to make it much easier for people to find the information they require, regardless of the language or format. (bravo!) This means that Google will reward sites with strong, relevant content as they want to show the best results to their searchers. Keep an eye on your sites Google Search Console to make sure your ranking doesn’t take a dip – if they do, this may be a warning to start optimising your content

MUM works with AI or natural language to answer complicated search queries. The system is multilingual and can process information from different formats to answer search queries. In addition to text, MUM can work with videos, audio, images, and other types of data to provide answers.

MUM combines multiple technologies to make searches on Google even more context-based to improve user experience. With this new update, Google wants to answer complex search queries for which a normal SERP snippet is just not sufficient. This way, MUM can provide us (the searcher) with much more comprehensive and relevant results.

The tool is constantly evolving and being improved by google so that you can always find the best answers to your questions in the shortest amount of time, which is music to our ears in this busy world. This is also a significant improvement for performance reasons. By focusing on querying information from just one data model for each search query, there is an efficiency and performance boost.

This update provides better search results for users and helps us to show our sites to more relevant people so we have a better-engaged audience. This update also allows us to stay visible in the ever-changing world of search engine optimisation. Smashed it Google.

What do you think? Will you be using the new MUM update to enhance your Google Search?


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