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Use your lockdown data to your advantage

The last 5-months have been a rollercoaster for retailers, with businesses having to adapt quickly to changing buying habits. Retailers selling fitness equipment, health and wellbeing products or sweet treats have seen massive spikes in their performance, but now lockdown ...

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Local SEO: What is it and am I doing it right?

It probably seems like a distant memory - opening Google to search for a local takeaway on your way home from the pub. Or searching for that last-minute birthday present walking up and down the high street. But, the only reason you’re able to find those places is because...

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July’s Digital Down-low

At the end of each month, we take a look back at the digital updates from the big tech companies and share with you the most important digital updates. This month Google has been busy with new releases and there has been a big announcement from the US government regarding ...

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June’s Digital Down-low

Each month at Green Ginger we take a look at some of the latest developments in digital marketing in our digital down-low. The down-low will review the key changes and innovations in the digital landscape. Plus highlight any announcements from the big social media p...

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SEO and Core Web Vitals: The importance of customer experience

SEO is continually evolving. Businesses need to invest time (either internally or with the help of an expert) to remain at the forefront of search performance. At the start of the month, Google announced the launch of ‘Core Web Vitals’. What is 'Core Web ...

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Introducing the launch of RetailRecovery

Green Ginger Digital is proud and excited to announce the launch of RetailRecovery, in partnership with Customer First Digital.  Trading in retail is tough, and with the current pandemic ongoing, it’s not getting any easier for retailers.  With weekly news of br...

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Facebook and Instagram announce the launch of Shops

What is Shops? Yesterday (19th March 2020) Facebook and Instagram announced the launch of Shops. The new initiative will allow you to browse and buy products from a Facebook Page or Instagram profile. Shops will allow businesses to set-up product listing...

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UX: A beginners guide

We’ve all been there - browsing the internet only to end up on the most frustrating of websites. Nothing seems to be in its logical place. You end up leaving the site irritated and annoyed, vowing to never return to that particular website ever again. That...

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