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Posted on 23rd August, 2021 by Green Ginger Digital

My First Week – El’es Ferguson

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My first week at Green Ginger Digital 

I have really enjoyed my first week learning all things digital marketing at Green Ginger Digital.  

After finishing my art foundation diploma this year, I had three creative university offers, but none of them felt right for me. Both the education aspect and the student lifestyle just didn’t appeal. I love creating art but it’s such a risky industry and at the end of a degree there’s no guaranteed job. It made more sense for me to try an apprenticeship where I could learn on the job and gain additional qualifications.  

One night after college I was scrolling through my social media and came across a post from a girl who I knew from high school and college. She was in the year group above me, so I barely talked to her, but I was desperate to find some guidance, so I messaged her.  

She was in a very similar position to me – didn’t know what she wanted to do and had very little help from college tutors. We talked for a while, and she was doing a digital marketing apprenticeship. She told me what she did day-to-day and how much she loved it. Seeing how enthusiastic she was made me want to give it a try! I applied to every apprenticeship position in Hull and eventually got an interview at Green Ginger. 

I’m so glad I chose this path as one week in, it already feels right for me. I can see this being my career. Finally, the battle of what I want to do when I grow up is over! 


So, what happened during my first week? 


Monday started with a tour of the gorgeous studio and meeting the team again. I loved the trendy, modern vibe as soon as I enter the studio. It’s bright and minimalist and a great place to work. It’s also very quiet which helps when focusing on your work. I then spent the rest of the day setting up my new laptop and any accounts I needed and getting settled into the office. 


Tuesday I was given a rundown on everything Green Ginger. I learned about the business’ history and started to investigate our client list. I spent some time switching between client websites and making myself familiar with what they offered. Our client list offers high-end skincare products, clothing and accessories, sweets, personalised gifts and healthcare services. There’s a wide variety which I like because each day is different 

 Afterwards, I was taken out for lunch to celebrate joining the team, it was delicious food at a unique little pub in Hull’s old town. I then spent the afternoon shadowing a client call to start to learn the process and to get an understanding of what type of information is shared with the client.  


Wednesday morning, I started the education section of my apprenticeship which is done on a team’s call one morning a week. I completed the first few topics, but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t already learnt at the start of the week. Then I moved onto something completely new. I optimised a client’s product titles and descriptions to make sure that the products showed for relevant products in the Google Shopping carousel. 

Feed optimisation is something I had never heard of before, never mind do myself. I was set up with a few examples to follow and I started making my way down the list, slowly but surely. This task continued into Thursday morning as I made sure to double-check the grammar and detail I had added. 


Thursday afternoon I scheduled the rest of my tasks to make sure everything was done by the end of the week and started to create content for my Instagram takeover on Friday. 


I can’t believe how quickly the week went! On Friday I was in charge of taking over the Green Ginger Instagram, giving any followers an insight into my day. I also had a catch-up with Emily and reviewed the work I had done this week, there was great feedback which is what you want in your first week at a new job. 

Friday afternoon I went on an adventure with Maggie the office pup. We walked from Old Town to Humber Street gathering images of the beautiful architecture of Hull for the Green Ginger Instagram.  I edited all images and chose my favourite pictures ready to post next week. After creating the posts, I scheduled them and signed that off my tasks. 

And that concludes my first week at Green Ginger Digital. I have settled in well, it’s a friendly relaxed environment and everyone on the team has helped make me feel welcome. I have already learnt a lot, more than I imagined. Well as much as possible for a first week in a new unknown industry.  

Don’t quiz me yet though! I still have a lot to learn but I’m excited about that! 

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