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We’ll make social media work in line with your sales targets.

Social media marketing has firmly established itself as a cost-effective way for businesses to engage their target audiences. The vast majority of people access their social media channels both at work and during their downtime, making platforms such as Facebook a hotspot for generating leads and selling a wide variety of products.

Whether you haven’t yet started advertising through social media or you want to improve the way you do it, our ad specialists are ready to help you turn idle browsing into a lucrative sales funnel.

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For any business that wants more from its social media ads

We work with a lot of businesses that previously tried social media advertising but didn’t get much from it. Realising that they needed a fresh perspective, they got in touch with Green Ginger Digital and now they’re generating leads and selling products online like never before.

We create outstanding social media advertising campaigns by making full use of the data that’s voluntarily shared by each user with their chosen platforms. By analysing this key information, we can target your ads so that they appear in front of people who are the most likely to click on them. This article gives a feel for how it all works.

Facebook isn’t the only platform for converting clicks into custom, as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Tinder and Snapchat all offer valuable opportunities for businesses across every sector to start conversations and generate new sources of revenue.

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For established businesses that want to streamline how they work

If you currently have social media ads running but they’re not converting into sales, we recommend getting in touch to find out how we’ll maximise your return on investment. The trick is to combine insightful data with creative innovation, as together they enable social media advertising campaigns to reach the right people and draw them in.

Your ads don’t always have to be about selling a product or service, as they can be used to achieve multiple goals such as increasing brand awareness, recruiting new staff, inviting forms of investment such as shares and crowdfunders, or showing how your business supports worthy causes and its local community.

Whatever your goals may be, we’ll create a bespoke social media advertising strategy that will bring results from day one and long into the future.

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For new businesses that want to hit the ground running

Whatever your start-up business offers, it needs to gain the attention of the right kind of people. Whilst search engine optimisation plays a major role in growing your website’s presence, social media advertising immediately attracts the attention of targeted individuals who are interested in your type of products and services.

Our social media advertising campaigns are always designed around your precise expectations. For instance, if you’re an e-commerce business selling an exciting new product for use in the home, Facebook and Twitter will be the best way to advertise it and encourage clicks to your website. Alternatively, if your start-up provides B2B services, we’ll design LinkedIn ads that target relevant demographics such as industry, company size and location, and even very specific factors like the user’s job title and seniority.

This means that whether you want to advertise to parents, young people, business owners, sports fans, craft beer aficionados or any other buyer persona, we’ll make sure it happens from the moment you enter the market.