Google Shopping

We’ll make your product listing ads impossible to miss.

Google Shopping ads are sometimes referred to as PLA ads – whatever terminology you use, Green Ginger Digital specialises in creating, monitoring, evaluating and developing eye-catching PLA campaigns that connect retailers with their ideal customers.

Rather than simply displaying text, Google Shopping ads include images that sit in a carousel at the top of search engine results. This makes perfect sense, as every entrepreneur knows that consumers buy with their eyes and want to see before they read.

Put simply, shopping campaigns are a strong opportunity to reach your customers when they’re searching for your exact types of products, making the sales process faster, smoother and much more profitable.

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For any business that wants more from its shopping ads

More businesses are using Google Shopping than ever before, which makes it a very crowded marketplace. Don’t be dissuaded, as whatever it is that you sell, our PLA specialists know how to make your ads leap out from those of your competitors.

With over 25 years of experience in managing shopping ads for high street names and independent retailers alike, we understand the importance of a strong PLA structure and how to align your ads with specific goals. Putting data analysis, creative content and good old-fashioned know-how to full effect, we’ll maximise the impact of your product feed and significantly increase your conversion rate.

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For established businesses that want to streamline how they work

If you’re already using an agency for shopping campaigns but the results simply aren’t justifying your expenditure, make sure to get in touch for an insightful chat about the latest advertising techniques.

As a Google Partner, we know exactly how to design ads that adhere to the search engine’s ever-changing best practice model. By remaining agile and applying extreme attention to detail, we’ll bring you an impressive return on investment and regularly suggest innovative ways to blast your competitors out of the water.

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For new businesses that want to hit the ground running

Start-ups that sell physical products can gain so much from eye-catching and informative shopping campaigns. This form of promotion is absolutely perfect for the launch of new products, as it places enticing adverts in front of people who are most likely to click on the ad and find out more.

We appreciate that start-up budgets can be limited and your stock levels may initially be restricted, so you can rest assured that the shopping campaigns we create will accommodate these factors to bring top results and facilitate a smooth customer journey.