Google Display Network

We’ll maximise your brand awareness through targeted ads.

In our humble opinion, the Google Display Network is a gift from the gods. As if advertising on the world’s most trusted search engine isn’t already a powerful means of driving relevant search traffic, the Google Display Network expands your Google Ad campaigns to its group of more than two million high-quality websites and apps.

These include Google’s own sites such as Gmail, YouTube and Blogger, as well as a wide variety of reputable digital platforms the likes of the Guardian and The New York Times. Whichever types of products and services you want to get in front of your buyer personas, the Google Display Network makes it easier than ever before.

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For any business that wants more from its online ads

As well as targeting potential customers who are new to your brand, ads through the Google Display Network are also an excellent way to re-engage those who have had some form of previous interaction. Rather than restricting your adverts to one place, the platform builds brand awareness and engagement as people move around the internet, making it a truly fluid advertising experience.

The online ad campaign specialists here at Green Ginger Digital love using the Google Display Network to its full potential. Working with big-name brands, SMEs, retailers, public sector organisations and sole traders alike, we can create online ads that engage and convert whilst sticking to your ideal budget.

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For established businesses that want to streamline how they work

When it comes to companies that are currently using Google ads or have in the past, Green Ginger Digital offers the opportunity to simplify the process and maximise your return on investment. By partnering with our team of display ad specialists, you gain the peace of mind that your advertising campaigns will always be of the highest quality and adapted in response to shifting consumer trends and Google’s ever-changing best practice guidelines.

What’s more, numbers are very important to us and we recognise the conversion power of in-depth data. This means that by choosing us, you’re gaining the expertise of proactive strategists who structure campaigns around intelligent bidding models and messages that are guaranteed to grab attention. If you want to reach an audience that’s not only large but also extremely targeted, make sure to ask us about the Google Display Network.

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For new businesses that want to hit the ground running

It’s easy to assume that advertising through the Google Display Network is for large and established companies, yet it’s also perfect for start-up businesses that want to gain traction from the very beginning of their journey.
We’ll start by getting to know who you are and what your business brings to your industry, then use this insight to research the market and develop robust digital advertising campaigns that reach your target audience on a wide range of the world’s most popular websites and platforms.

Digital advertising is a highly cost-effective way of giving a new business the oomph it requires to cut through the noise and start building a strong database of leads and customers right away.