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Posted on 16th June, 2023 by Sophie Musgrave

1 Year at Green Ginger Digital – Georgia Garnett

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This week we reach another 1-year milestone within the team. This time, with our Client Services Director, Georgia Garnett. So, we sat down with Georgia to hear about her time with us so far…


What made you initially join GGD?

Having followed the GGD journey from day 1, I was really excited about the proposition of working with a really fast-growing, thriving business. I’ve worked with Emily and Nick previously, so I had already learnt a lot from them and they had earnt my utmost respect in previous agencies, not to mention the fantastic team they were developing and the great range of clients they were working with.

The job I was offered would give me the chance to not only use my 11+ years of Performance Marketing experience working on clients day to day but also continue to push my management skills by leading the Performance Marketing team and taking on client services responsibilities.



What would you say are the biggest things you have learnt over the last year?

That training and process is still king. No matter where you are or what industry, investing in the team and ensuring both training programmes and set processes are in place are key to a successful team. I’ve also learnt that attitude is also so important within a team dynamic. When you’re all striving for the same goals, then incredible things can happen, and it’s been great to watch that unfold.

This last year has also reconfirmed the fact that the pace and excitement that this industry brings will forever excite me and I feel really fortunate to have found a career path and a team who truly support me and my development.


What are you looking forward to over the next 6 months?

I’m looking forward to a really exciting and busy pipeline working with clients across multiple markets and industries. To achieve this, I’m also looking forward to the team growth in terms of knowledge and personal development, as well as growing in numbers too.

There will be 3 new starters joining us in July, so I’m really looking forward to working with them and supporting them on their journey with Green Ginger Digital to see how they can not only develop themselves but further grow GGD.

A final thing I’m looking forward to has got to be our annual trip to the races, which the team will be enjoying early next month. Watch this space!


Are you looking to join a leading Performance Marketing Agency?

With accelerated business growth comes the requirement for additional skill sets and talents across all digital marketing channels to maintain the high standard we deliver for our clients.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and ambitious team members to join our Hull-based performance marketing agency. Fancy being a part of it? Visit our Careers page to see what current vacancies we have available.


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