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Opera Beds are the leading British manufacturer of care beds, stylish adjustable beds and mattresses in the UK. With a mission to enhance lives, promote health and deliver comfort, Opera has long been established as a trusted expert across care, hospitality and consumer markets. 

An ageing population means more people than ever before are looking for the functionality of a care bed or adjustable bed in the comfort of their own home to deliver convenience and maximise independence. 

The Challenge

Opera had historically managed their Paid Marketing activity in-house but believed this was limiting the growth of their business.

Whilst Opera Beds are available to buy online, the majority of sales are converted through an offline sales team. Opera wanted to scale both ecommerce sales and the quality of online leads whilst reducing cost-per-lead.

Alongside this, Opera was looking to launch a new product range, targeted at a new demographic. Based on our retail expertise, our task was to develop and execute a successful go-to-market strategy for this new range to deliver a strong return-on-investment.

The Solution

Our objective was to increase online sales and reduce cost per lead for the historical Opera customer whilst also supporting the business to diversify and launch into a new, younger customer market. So, we developed a unique strategy for each customer segment to help reach and engage these new, relevant customers.

Targeting each segment comprised three key elements:

Market leading strategy and account structure - Our team completed extensive data analysis of historical performance, understanding which areas performed and could be expanded. Whilst identifying areas which were driving poor-quality traffic which would be phased out, allowing for better investment decisions and reduced cost per lead.

Implementation of audience strategy - Using a combination of 1st party and 3rd party audience data, we were able to evolve our strategy based on performance to improve overall efficiencies. We developed bespoke campaign metrics, meaning we could identify high-intent customers based on site behaviours and historical conversion data, so we could optimise activity more effectively bringing down costs and improving ROI

Touchpoint-driven optimisation and scale - We also used touchpoint value measurement to improve conversions and return on investment. The Opera site had multiple touchpoints including forms, call details, live chat, brochure downloads and online assessments. We analysed the propensity to buy of each of these touchpoints allowing us to evolve our strategy based on customer value rather than simply traffic.

With further data analysis, we assigned each touchpoint a value which we then built into our optimisation strategy. This meant that we were able to adjust investment across different channels and campaigns to drive the best value for Opera.

The Results







"Working in partnership with Green Ginger has driven improved structure and efficiency to our digital advertising since partnering with them. Their work has delivered significant results and recent performance is some of our best to date."

Jed Lant, Head of Marketing, Opera Beds

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