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The original online sweetshop


  • Digital Strategy
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • SEO is the original online sweetshop founded in 2002, selling a variety of sweets and chocolate from Aniseed Balls to Yorkshire Mixture. Over the last twenty years, AQuarterOf has seen continued growth and today are the leading retailer for traditional sweets online.

The Challenge

AQuarterOf approached the team at Green Ginger following a strong start to the year. Lockdown restrictions resulted in increased demand, however, this soon resulted in a significant rise in competition. As more competitors entered the market, sales were being impacted more and more.

AQuarterOf had tried PPC and Shopping on a number of occasions previously but had always struggled to deliver a strong CPA. Due to selling low-margin products, efficiency was critical for the channel to be sustainable and commercially viable.

Our objective was to drive incremental sales but within strict CPA targets to maintain profitability. In an increasingly competitive market with rising CPCs, this was more of a challenge than ever before.

In addition to this, channels such as SEO were very mature, with scalability proving difficult. Organic ranking was dropping as new challenger brands entered the market and implemented black hat techniques to grow rankings quickly.

The Solution

To tackle this, we decided on a combined search approach across both PPC and SEO to grow the brand online.

Paid Media - We started off by restructuring the accounts based on the historical setup and lack of useful data points. Developing this new structure for Shopping and PPC gave us detailed visibility of performance to drive maximum efficiency, giving us an advantage in a competitive market.

Once these accounts were set to best practice, we implemented a robust testing strategy to improve performance, testing different products and categories. This helped us understand the value and elasticity of each so we could understand which were viable long-term within our efficiency targets.

Organic Media - Our starting point was to audit the site, ensuring any findings were actionable so we could make an immediate impact on performance. Following this we made a number of technical improvements to bring the site to a best-practice foundation.

We then removed any irrelevant or poor-quality pages, as well as updated sitemaps and robots.txt files to improve accessibility and crawlability for search engines.

In addition to the technical changes, we developed a detailed keyword strategy which took into consideration market demand, competition and gap analysis which helped us create a content-led strategy to improve ranking signals for the site. This keyword strategy then fed into creating new content and optimising historical content.

Our strategy delivered the step-change in revenue that AQuarterOf had been looking for. We were able to identify the best strategy to grow activity profitably through paid channels whilst our SEO experience allowed us to deliver impressive performance on a well-established channel. In taking a holistic approach we were able to grow the business, delivering incremental growth without cannibalising channel level performance.

The Results







"I knew I had to give you time and I’m so glad I did… because the results are superb. So, thank you to everyone there who makes it happen!"

Michael Parker, Founder and Owner of

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