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At Green Ginger, we are passionate about digital marketing and that’s why we offer a free trial for new clients. We deliver measurable results for every client by doing digital differently.

But actions speak louder than words, that’s why we offer our clients a free trial period with no commitment.

We’re in it for the long-haul and want to ensure we are a good fit for each other. We want to build long-lasting relationships which add tangible value, with all our clients – big or small.

We believe that where possible we should be paid based on the performance we drive. Therefore, when the time is right, we’ll sit down and agree on the best approach for both of us.

Whether you are looking to drive leads, grow awareness or boost sales. Green Ginger Digital will grow your business online.

We’ve done digital differently for many clients already…

Driving leads worth over £100,000 within a single month

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[su_tab title=”Our Results” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””] In the first month of launching we drove leads worth well in excess of £100,000 annually to our client.

At Green Ginger, we believe in true value, therefore we focus on high-quality leads. Our client was able to successfully convert 80% of these due to our highly focused strategy.
[su_tab title=”The Client Challenge” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””] Our client approached us wanting to drive more leads and grow their business. Despite being live for almost 24 months our client had never received a single enquiry through their website – a B2B IT Support business.

Our client had been investing in SEO historically, and whilst ranking well in some areas, the website was clearly not being seen by the right customers or at the right stage of the customer purchase journey. They were looking to scale their business and asked Green Ginger Digital to help.
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After discussing their business and objectives it was clear we needed to make the website work harder for our client by actively driving new business enquiries. We identified that using Paid Media would allow us to target potential customers closely and we could use innovative strategies to drive them through the purchase funnel to generate leads. We recommended a phased approach so we could use the data we gather to scale and expand our strategy in the most cost-efficient way.

As we launched the initial phase of activity, our strategy focused on both digital marketing tactics but also conversion rate optimisation on-site.

Firstly we invested time to understand the customer purchase journey, we looked at various sources to develop an in-depth keyword bank which targeted customers throughout the purchase funnel. We also developed a sequential targeting approach to help drive customers through the purchase funnel, meaning we developed bespoke creatives for users at different levels of engagement to increase both the volume and quality of leads.

Secondly, we implemented tools and completed on-page audits to ensure the customer journey was as simple and effective as possible when landing on our client’s site. We completely changed the structure and content of the landing pages where we were driving potential customers which helped us maximise lead-generation.

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Increasing revenue by over 950%…and doubling efficiency

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Our non-brand PPC revenue increased almost 10-fold for the same period Y0Y. Not only did we increase revenue by over 950%, but we also managed to double the efficiency with cost-of-sale reducing by 51%.

We increased Google Shopping revenue by over 400% YOY – all whilst maintaining efficiency at a consistent level.

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Our client, a high-street fashion retailer wanted to drive efficient and sustainable growth through PPC.

They had a loyal customer base and were looking to reach new customers and use Paid Media to focus on new customer acquisition which, historically had always been a challenge for them. They had employed the services of a big media agency but they hadn’t delivered in terms of performance or customer service.

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We wanted to focus on incremental growth and new customer acquisition, therefore we analysed the impact of turning off brand bidding. SEO picked up the majority of branded sales when PPC was turned off and therefore we focused our time and efforts into scaling non-brand PPC and Shopping.

After auditing our client accounts and reviewing historical performance we set to work by segmenting our customer base and developing strategies closely aligned to each segment.

After restructuring the Shopping account, from scratch to improve reach and efficiency by focusing on key categories and customer segments. We also reviewed the feed, optimising this to bring it up to best practice standards. Finally, we also reviewed, shortlisted and onboarded a new Shopping CSS partner to improve efficiencies further.

From a PPC perspective, we focused on key categories based on seasonal demand, historical performance and our key customer segments. Developing a highly focused test and learn approach to understand the areas of opportunities. We tested everything from bidding strategies and match-types through to creative messaging and landing pages.

We monitored performance across PPC but also the impact on other channels and the marketing mix to understand the right strategy to drive sustainable growth for our client.


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Digital Strategy

To remain a front runner in your industry you need a clear digital strategy. We take the time to understand your business and develop clear, measurable recommendations to help achieve your goals.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Our PPC team are experts in creating audience-focused strategies to drive your PPC campaigns forward. We build highly targeted PPC campaigns aligned to your business objectives.


SEO is an essential factor in your business’s digital marketing success. We use both technical and content-led tactics to aid your websites organic performance. Driving targeted customer traffic to achieve your business goals.

Facebook Ads

We create targeted campaigns that focus on driving more of the customers you want. We only recommend the social platforms that are right for your business. From brand awareness to lead generation, from conversion to re-targeting.

PLA (Product Listing Ads)

We understand the importance of a strong PLA campaign structure. We set-up your accounts based on your product portfolio and business goals. Enabling us to identify key opportunities and maximise the value of your investment.

Google Display Network

Display advertising is key for building brand awareness and engagement for your brand. Allowing you to stand out from the competition with creative ad formats and content on Google's display network.

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon’s marketplace allows businesses to reach new customers through the platform. Green Ginger’s job is to connect these new customers to your brand through the management of your Amazon marketplace, growing your traffic, leads and revenue.

Free Digital Healthcheck

A lot of agencies offer a free digital audit, this is not exactly digital done differently. Our free Green Ginger digital audit offers true value for your business.

Clients Testimonials

Our clients are a diverse mix of eCommerce and service-based businesses.
Our team have worked with everyone from well-known UK fashion and furniture retailers to small independent companies - we love the variety!

Wren Kitchens
Harrisons of Hull
Riverford Orgnanic Farmers
Rapture Surf Camps
Mark Hill

Kate Harrison
Harrisons of Hull Ltd

Green Ginger Digital have been an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. They have listened to our business goals and marketing objectives and really delivered in terms of service, content and results. We would highly recommend the team to other businesses looking to build a digital marketing campaign and will continue to work closely with them going forward.

Nathan Green

Pitchy were one of Green Ginger Digitals first clients and we were really impressed with how they took onboard what we wanted to achieve and put together an impressive plan of how they could help us get there. Results were impressive and the team were always professional and approachable.

Andy Orvis

Green Ginger Digital came to us with a clear brief and set of requirements. Their communication and ability to make key decisions quickly and effectively made the design and build of their website an easy process. Clearly knowledgable in their field, I'd recommend them for any digital advertising type campaign and certainly hope to work with them in the future.

Nicola Mooney
Adult Planet

We needed serious help with our PPC campaigns as we were wasting a lot of money on ads. The team at Green Ginger restructured everything, advising and adjusting as necessary along the way to really focus the campaign. We were really pleased with the revenue growth we achieved in such a short amount of time, and although early days still, we are seeing promising results! Very happy and would highly recommend the team at Green Ginger Digital.