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Posted on 15th April, 2020 by Green Ginger Digital

Why is digital marketing important?

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The relationship between a website and digital marketing is simple. You need both to be successful online. Having a website, no matter how good, does not cut it in today’s digital world. A great website alone does not make a digital business. Whilst a website is a must for most businesses today, many still overlook the importance of digital marketing.

There are two clear ways for a business to increase revenue. They can either sell more to existing customers or acquire new ones. There is a whole world out there of new, untapped customers. Customers who do not even know about your product, your brand, or your service. That is where digital marketing comes in.

Let us look at a scenario. You and a competitor both open a store on the high street on the same day. Your competitor invests in marketing, they put ads in the local paper and advertise on the local radio station. You do not. When it comes to the grand opening, who do you think will get the most customers?

The same is true for websites.

Without digital marketing, you may see some traffic. But it’s unlikely to be ground-breaking as people are not aware of your site. You could have the best possible website your budget allows, but if people do not know about it, how are you going to scale your business? A website and digital marketing go hand-in-hand. 

You wouldn’t organise a wedding and not invite people. You wouldn’t spend money on a brand-new car and not buy petrol for it. That is what digital marketing is, it is fuel for your digital growth. 

So, let’s look at exactly why digital marketing is important

1. Your customers are online – if you can target them

In the UK alone there are over 49K monthly searches for ‘baby boy clothes’. Over 74K monthly searches for ‘garage’ and 165K monthly searches for ‘takeaway’ on Google. In short, whatever your sector, people – your potential customers – are online. They will be buying from your competitors and many would also buy from you if you could reach them.

2. You competitors are investing in digital marketing

It’s competitive. We guarantee that your competitors are investing in digital marketing. If you want to get ahead and stay ahead you need a clear strategy and support from an expert. Even if you are a B2B business such as a manufacturer, competitors will be using digital marketing. Gaining new leads and increasing brand awareness with highly targeted strategies.

3. Digital marketing is cheaper than you think

Often seen as a cost, digital marketing should be seen as an investment in your business growth. If done correctly, it’s often cheaper than many people think. SEO is free (although does need the correct expertise to manage it) and PPC can start from as little as 2p for some long-tail keywords.

4. It can be super-targeted at your audience with the right strategy

Digital marketing can be highly targeted. If you know who your customers are, you should be able to go and find more of them online. This means that the return on your investment will be higher and sales will grow quickly. At Green Ginger Digital, we take an audience-first approach to all activity to maximise the value of your budget. If you don’t know who your audience is, then we can help guide you.

5. Digital marketing is measurable – understand your customer behaviour

Digital can be measured at every stage. This allows you to understand your performance in detail. Data is critical in the performance of digital marketing. With the right tracking and technology, you will be able to understand the returns from your investment. Customer journeys can be tracked from the point of seeing your ad online, right through to purchase. You’ll know which people are buying and which ones are not, and understand why so you can improve your strategy.

6. It’s easy to get started (but challenging to do well)

In our recent blog, we talked about the basics of PPC. Whilst it’s true that setting up basic PPC accounts is simple. Unfortunately, if you want to scale performance you need to think about detailed customer-first strategies, new platforms and test and learn strategies. Plus how to ensure all this activity works together to deliver the best overall performance. Therefore, we would recommend speaking to an expert to understand your needs and requirements.


Digital marketing is critical in growing your performance. If you want to scale your business and acquire new customers or gather new leads, you have to be investing in marketing. Those that do invest in digital marketing will see faster growth than those who choose simply to invest in a website. Ultimately, spending on a new website is potentially a waste of your budget if you don’t invest in marketing – a new website alone won’t grow your business.

At Green Ginger Digital we’re happy to help and support with any questions you may have on how to get the best value from your website. Wherever you are on your digital journey, we can help. Whether you are just launching online or an established business already investing in digital marketing. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes across different verticals. 

Speak to us today about a free digital performance evaluation and understand how to unlock the most value from your website.


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