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Posted on 17th March, 2020 by Green Ginger Digital

Top 10 lessons for launching a new business

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Three months after officially launching Green Ginger, our founder Nick has put together the 10 most important lessons he has learnt so far.

 It is hard work. Celebrate the successes (no matter how small) and understand you are on a journey. The destination will be worth it; however, you eventually get there.

✔ You will be pulled outside of your comfort zone. Embrace it.

✔ Lay the right foundations. Let’s be honest, nobody set-up their own business to set-up a bank account, find the right office space or buy the right insurance but they’re important. Set the right operational foundations and build.

✔ Starting your own business can be a lonely place. Make use of local networking groups to meet people, learn about other businesses and share ideas.

✔ On the subject of networking, find what works for you. There are many different styles of groups, from breakfast meetings to round tables. From industry specific events to after-hour curry nights. Try as many as you can and find what works for you.

✔ Use LinkedIn as much as possible. Ask questions. Get advice. Share ideas – somebody will be more than happy to help. Shout about your brand online and create an identity that people can buy into.

✔ Keep going. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos online. Support is everywhere. Use peers, friends, family for advice and guidance.

✔ Take time to switch off. It’s easy to feel guilty when you are not doing work – either on an evening or weekend – and to slip into 12-hour working days. DON’T. Make sure you take time to switch-off and recharge.

✔ Collaborate. 10 years working for a single company has probably made me a bit blinkered. I’ve found it incredibly exciting to work and collaborate with so many fantastic people – you can’t be an expert at everything so find someone who is and work with them on areas you are not so strong.

✔ Dig deep. There will be tough moments and disappointments but learn from them, not every proposal will lead to something.

Most of all – ENJOY IT. After 10 years working for someone else, I wanted a fresh challenge. After only a few short months I’ve met 100s of great people – some of whom I’m proud to call a client, learnt new skills and most of all been pushed. I’d love to hear about your start-up journeys, and if you’ve found similar challenges.

A big thank-you to those who have helped us on our journey so far.
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