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Posted on 19th May, 2022 by Green Ginger Digital

Three Months at Green Ginger Digital – Oliver Olgard

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It has now been 3 months since I started here at Green Ginger Digital, and it feels like just yesterday I walked through the office doors for the first time! I guess it’s true when they say time flies when you’re having fun!

Since I’ve started, I’ve learnt a lot about digital and performance marketing. From PPC and Shopping to SEO, I have sure spent a lot of time learning and soaking up all of this information. One of the ways I was able to do this was the in-house PPC training I was offered, which I graduated from last week. This was a very good way for me to learn because, the training was very clear and interactive, with the trainer asking me a lot of questions and testing me as much as possible, making sure I’m comfortable with it all. I also found this very fun! I was able to chat and have fun with the trainer, who made the training as fun as possible, I definitely looked forward to it every week!

Another way I gathered my current knowledge was by helping out my other team members and doing tasks for our clients. With every new task, I was able to learn something new either about marketing in general or about our clients. One of the biggest new tasks I was given, was to start reporting on a client’s marketing performance each week. When I started to report, I was quite scared to not get anything wrong and make sure I was giving the right information. This made it quite hard at the start, with my first report looking like a ten-thousand-word essay! Luckily, I had my peers to give me a lot of feedback and guidance which has helped me immensely. I have also started showing my face on client calls. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deliver anything yet, I’m just getting used to the calls and what to say and when to say it. I am looking forward to start delivering though, I think my confidence and my newfound knowledge will definitely help me as well as being an overall chatty person.

The team have helped me so much since I’ve been here! They’ve answered any question I put forward and have helped me as much as I can as I transition into this line of work, for which I am very grateful. It’s definitely a great thing because I am able to draw on all of their experience and knowledge to be able to further myself and to even push myself. They’ve not only helped me but also pushed me to see what I can do and see what I can manage, and within this time I have found that the analytical and numbers side of digital marketing suits me quite well. As I’m already from a ‘numbers’ background, I think that this part of the job is what I enjoy the most, with analysing data and using this to forecast further trends as well as being able to know what has happened to an account and trends just by looking at numbers, which still blows my mind. I have also had some great laughs and had a lot of fun with the team, which I think is very important in any workplace and I’m very appreciative of how they’ve welcomed me, and we have been able to have these moments.

Overall, I’ve had a great time at Green Ginger and can’t wait to see what happens next as I learn more and become more confident with my work. I’m also looking forward to how Green Ginger grows and I am so happy I am a part of it! If your company ever needs some digital marketing work, I can’t recommend this group of people enough, and definitely not because I am part of it!

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