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Posted on 15th March, 2023 by Sophie Musgrave

Performance Marketing Manager, Sam Moor, is Successful in Securing a Place in the Top 30 Under 30 Programme

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We’re so pleased to announce that our Performance Marketing Manager, Sam Moor, has won herself a place on Hull & Humber’s Top 30 Under 30 Programme.

For those who aren’t familiar with this programme, every year 30 inspiring individuals showcasing entrepreneurial and leadership qualities are chosen from across the region to embark on a year-long journey which provides recognition, a network of like-minded peers, leadership coaching and a range of techniques to help build confidence and resilience.

Sam joined Green Ginger Digital in May 2022, wanting to broaden her paid media knowledge and gain a wealth of experience. After predominantly working in ecommerce and email marketing in previous roles, Sam came to Green Ginger Digital wanting to challenge herself and immerse herself into Performance Marketing channels.

In the short period Sam has been with us, she has gone from strength to strength and has handled whatever we have thrown at her, taking on new challenges, adapting to a new way of thinking. Sam has immersed herself in clients, helping to grow their online presence and improve performance while also becoming an integral part of the team and a support system for junior members of the team.

Because of this, nominating Sam for Top 30 Under 30 was a no brainer to recognise the work that she does and the journey she has been on. We never doubted that she wouldn’t be successful in being accepted on the programme.



Let’s hear what Sam has to say on her recent recognition…


You weren’t aware that you had been nominated, how did you feel when you first found out that you had not only been nominated but also won?

“I was really shocked, really happy obviously, it’s an honor to be nominated, and to find out I had won was something else. I never thought I would win something like that let alone be nominated so really quite special, I felt really quite honored.”


When the nominations opened, did you ever think you’d be considered?

“I didn’t think I’d be nominated, I always hoped I would be, I think everyone knows it’s a thing around here and you always wonder what you need to do to get that nomination so I’m just really glad that I’ve been recognised for what I do. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m hopeful the green shoots are there that show I can really progress.”

This is a year-long programme that consists of weekly workshops, teaching you new skills, confidence, resilience etc. What are you most looking forward to getting out of this experience?

“I’m looking forward to getting out of this experience and how to deal with certain situations. I think in marketing there are a lot of things that you come up against and you don’t always know the best way to deal with it a situation or how to approach it so that would be the main thing I’m looking forward to learning.

Also to learn things off other people on the course, finding out how they would approach a situation and what I can take into my life and the business from them.”


What sort of people do you think will be alongside you on the programme? What relationships do you think you’ll make?

“I think everyone will be quite like-minded, quite driven with a hunger to progress and grow. So I’m really excited to see who these people are, see if I know anyone, and learn about them, what their background is, what industry they are in, where they’ve come from and what their journey is. I think that’s really important to learn someone’s background and understand how far they’ve come.”


How do you think this experience can benefit your career?

“It will give me a lot of tactics to know how to deal with the day to day job, along with relationship building including client relationships and with my team too. I think it will give me a really strong skill set that I can bring back and share with the wider team, helping to set us apart from competitors.”


If you could give any word of advice to anyone starting out in their career, what would it be and why?

“It would be keep going! It can be really hard at times but you’ve just got to keep going, learning and trying new things. When you set your sights on a career, there’s not a clear path on how you get to where you want to be. You’ll come across hurdles, you’ll make mistakes, there will be hoops to jump through and there’s going to be times I think ‘what am I doing?’ but just keep going and know that you’ve got it in you, you’re a good person and you can get to where you want to be. Just learn and absorb as much as you can to get there!”


Green Ginger Digital’s Co-Founder and Performance Marketing Director, Emily Proctor, who submitted the nomination has commented with the following:

“Sam has qualities that we’re unable to teach – an infectious enthusiasm and the ability to adapt and think differently no matter the client or industry!

Since joining Green Ginger in May, Sam has jumped straight in, bringing that passion to every client, and sharing her time and skills with any member of the team who has asked for advice.

Having taken part in the program myself in 2021, I know that Sam will take a lot from the sessions. She is keen to learn and the lessons on leadership will be key as she moves through the next stages of her career.

A big well done from all the team at Green Ginger, and we really look forward to hearing what Sam learns during her year on the program and see her put her skills to the test.”

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