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Posted on 11th February, 2022 by Green Ginger Digital

My First Two Weeks at Green Ginger Digital – Oliver Olgard

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My first week has gone by in a flash. It feels like yesterday that I was applying for this apprenticeship, never mind working here. This is due to how much I’ve enjoyed myself here, from the company of the others to the work I’ve been given so far.

I have a feeling that I’m going to be sticking around for a good while!

So, a bit about me. I had a clear goal in mind for my life when leaving Sixth Form, to become an engineer. So, after receiving good grades in my STEM A-Levels, I decided to do a mechanical engineering degree at Lincoln University. However, after a few months of being there, I felt like this wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. If I’m honest, I wasn’t enjoying myself especially since this was mid-COVID. After the academic year had ended, I decided to take a plunge and quit. I’m glad I did!

I moved to Hull with my family and started to look at apprenticeships, which is how I found the Digital Marketing role and I decided to apply. This is where Green Ginger Digital comes in. They offered me an interview and I was lucky enough to join!

That’s where I am now so since we’re all caught up, let’s have a look at what I’ve done in my first week.

I spent the majority of my first day meeting everyone and having a tour of Green Ginger, our clients, and everything that we use to perform our services. I found everyone to be so welcoming and kind, which has helped me to settle in, and not to mention, great to have a laugh with!

The next few days, I spent doing some keyword research for a new client of ours. This involved using the Google Ads Keyword Planner to go through different topics and gather all kinds of data on these keywords. I then pulled all this data together into a spreadsheet, categorised all the keywords, and worked out the totals or averages of the data sets.

The next big project that I helped with was some competitor research. This first involved finding a list of competitors for this client using a tool called AHRefs. I gathered all sorts of data, for example, their turnover, brand awareness, SEO traffic, and the average price of their products. This was a mammoth task, as there were a lot of competitors but, it is a very important task to do.

I also started my apprenticeship training. The first part of this was to use Google Garage, which is a platform designed by Google, where people can learn all the digital skills they need. This mostly involved going through videos made by Google, taking notes, and answering quizzes. After you complete each module, you are awarded a medal, which I thought was cool! Also, I attended some PPC training with our in-house PPC trainer and we went through the fundamentals of PPC, and I had a fun time doing it!

Overall, it’s been a very busy first week and I’m excited to see what the next few months have in stall for me. Keep an eye out on our social channels and our blog posts to see the latest updates from the team!

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